Adair in The Temple of Void
Full Name Adair
Current Age Unspecified
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Soundwaves
First Appearance The Temple of Void
Latest Appearance The Temple of Void

Adair is a manipulator of sounds and one of the main protagonists in The Temple of Void.


Adair is a manipulator of sound waves and voice. He can mimic any noise he hears with ease, which makes it easy for him if he needs to lure anyone that he needs for his upcoming plans. He can also manipulate normal noises, for example he can make a bird's tweet sound like a lion's roar. This is a trait that his best friend knew inside and out, but since their death, he decided to dedicate his life to learning how to master their special power, as a living memory of his best friend's life.


The Temple of Void


Lycia Storm

Adair and Lycia are good friends, however they usually argue over stupid topics on a regular basis. They find it hard to co-operate in company of others.



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