Full Name Aruku
Current Age Unspecified, 20-30.
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Staff
First Appearance Totem Tribe
Latest Appearance Totem Tribe Retribution

Aruku is the main character in the Totem Tribe series. She is the main protagonist in Totem Tribe, and returns in Totem Tribe Retribution after not appearing in Totem Tribe II: Jotun.

Aruku is the younger female leader of the hawk tribe, who goes on a quest to collect all the totems from around the world and place them in the World Seal to restore peace to this world. Due to her ignorance, she accidentally destroys the World Seal and half of the totems. To restore the World Seal, she must find the remaining six totems and place them in the Comet.

However as a result of destroying the World Seal, she awakens the darker side of her personality, called Evil Aruku, who manages to manipulate Aruku's mind and summon various forms of The Shade to the world. Aruku slowly realises this evil version of herself exists, and fights against her. She then manages to place the seals in the Comet Crash Site, and awakens the Alien. She and the Hawk Tribe manage to defeat the Alien and peace is restored to humanity, however this doesn't mean Evil Aruku is gone for good...


Totem Tribe Retribution

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