Full Name Esme
Current Age 14
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Species Human (Woodland Escape)
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Shurikens / Fists
First Appearance The Temple of Dreams
Latest Appearance The Temple of Dreams

Esme is one of five main protagonists in The Temple of Dreams series. She comes from a rural countryside called Woodland Escape, which is home to a lot of people who enjoy being secluded from the rest of the world. She has orange eyes and black hair. She also wears a white and black dress. In her hair she carries around her shurikens, which are used as a decoration to taunt the enemy into thinking she is unarmed. She can also use her fists very effectively when put in a tight spot.


Esme is a very relaxed and quiet person to anyone who doesn't know her very well, but if you do that's a whole other story. She is the youngest in a very large family, which is known for its intellectual and smart genes. Her parents religiously encouraged and nurtured her to follow the family tradition and get involved in a elite profession such as Doctor or Lawyer, because of this she often lived in the shadow of her brothers and sisters for not wanting to become one of the elite like the rest of her family. After being teased at school for being a smart student compared to the others, Esme decided that it would be best for her to run away from her life in Woodland Escape and set her sights on travelling around the world to discover the mysterious the universe has to offer, and to possibly find out something new about herself as a person.


The Temple of Dreams







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