Illusion Works
Illusion Works Logo
Type of Company Private Video Game Company
Founder(s) IcicleIllusionist
Founded at/in October 31st, 2014.
Headquarters United Kingdom
Area(s) Served Europe, United States, Australia, Japan.

Illusion Works, previously known under the names Dimension Paradox and the more common Tropico Enterprises, is a company created and owned solely by IcicleIllusionist (t|c).

It was originally founded on October 31st, 2014, but was given a big clear out over the holiday season before being recreated on January 31st, 2015, as a separate company with a new name. The company has created beloved hits with the casual gamer (The Temple of Dreams), and with the hardcore gamer (Radioactive) and has shown its role in the video gaming industry.



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