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Major Timeline Events



Important Events: Tess crash lands on Earth.

Vermilion Ashes

Vermilion Ashes Logo

Important Events: Tess goes into hinding, only to form a new persona. Beginning of the Agents of A.S.H.E.S.

Vermilion Extinction

Vermilion Extinction

Important Events: Tess plots her next move, Tiandra begins her story.

Radioactive Mythologies

Important Events: The secrets behind the game are unleashed.

Radioactive Remastered

Important Events: Atra makes herself known.

Vermilion Ashes II (Name Subject to Change)

Important: The Agents of A.S.H.E.S. disband.

Important Timeline Events

The Temple of Dreams

Karmatic Revolution


The Temple of Dreams II

Black Magic

Codename Crescent

Majesty of the Savage Kingdom



Voodoo Doll

Girl on Fire

Web of Lies

Sycophant Syndrome

Cabin Fever

Phantom Motive

Codename Crescent II (Name Subject to Change)

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