Karmatic Revolution
Developer(s) Tropico Enterprises
Publisher(s) Tropico Enterprises
Platform(s) Tropicon
Genre(s) Hack N Slash
Role-playing Game
Release Date(s)
25px November 2019.
25px November 2019.
25px November 2019.
Media Included Tropicon Game Disc

You thought you won so easily? This is a Karmatic Revolution after all.

Karmatic Revolution is the first game of the Karmatic Revolution "Hack 'N' Slash" series exclusive to the Tropicon. It stars the player as the Avatar as he or she ventures through the Kingdom of Erilic attempting to defeat the evil that lurks within it, including the King. The player has to overcome hardships and friendships if he ever stands a chance of overthrowing the Evil King. However, the game can be played from the point of view of either the Revolution or the Rebellion, it's up to the player. The decisions you make in game impact the ending of the game and how your adventure unfolds, so every decision counts. It shows some similarity to Fire Emblem If and Hyrule Warriors


Karmatic Revolution, like the Bayonetta series and any other Hack 'N' Slash game, is an open 3D world in which the player must travel through. Using the 2D map to depict which chapter of the game you're about to play, the player has complete free will throughout the game. The choices they make in battle will affect the story and differ the possible final outcome. Before the battle commences, the player chooses a character to play as and they are let loose in an open environment to "Hack 'N' Slash" all the enemies. There are also in-battle mini-quests or goals which the player must accomplish, for example an NPC could ask you to meet up with them if they're in a tight spot and are struggling.

You can also collect items through the game such as Bombs, Arrows and others. You can also collect an in-game currency for completing levels successfully which you can then use in the Bazaar to purchase new weapons and items to improve your stats.

Game Modes

Revolution is the main story mode of the game which features the main character in their adventure through the Kingdom of Erilic. 

Story Mode: Revolution



The Revolution

Character Art coming soon.

Harley Morven

The Rebellion

Character Art coming soon.

Verena Temero

The Dreamists (DLC)

Aloe Charity Dimitri Esme
Meadow Redd



The Bazaar acts as the In-Game shop. You can buy several differet items including weapons and alternate character costumes here. You can also heal here for a certain fee depending on how low your health is and acting as a percentage of that.  




Trailer 01: Announcement Trailer

Trailer 02: The Dreamists Trailer

The trailer begins with a grown up Aloe coming out of the shadows. Following him are Charity who looks older, Esme who looks older, Dimitri who looks older and Meadow who looks older. Suddenly a red hammer drops on the group and an evil cackle is heard in the background as the screen fades to black.



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