Tess as she appears in Radioactive
Full Name Tess
Current Age 1800 (18 in Human Years)
Zodiac Sign TBA.
Species Martian
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) TBA.
First Appearance Radioactive
Latest Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort

Tess is the main protagonist in the Radioactive series. She resides on Mars, and is part of the Martian race which began its canon in the Radioactive timeline, but it is not specified as to where on the planet she is specifically from. She has lilac purple hair and a rose pink fringe. She wears a completely red and white dress with black platform boots. She also stars in the main cast in the television show Vermilion Ashes, and returns for the video game sequel Vermilion Extinction.




Taron is the male form of Tess.


Aveira is the smart form of Tess.


Atra is the sinister form of Tess who is obsessed with killing and the mass murder of the universe.



"Born a Martian, Tess was always curious about what the world had to offer her. She was always interested from a young age in science and astronomy, which lead to her becoming the first Martian to leave their home planet of Mars to travel though intergalactic means. Her vehicle crash landed on one the domes in the Radioactive arena, and she was trapped in the tournament with no means of escape." -- In-Game Description

Vermilion Ashes

Tess appears in Vermilion Ashes as a commanding sargent. She is not shown physically, but only through a video which is used to train the rookies in the organisation. However later on in the fanfiction, it is discovered by Vermilion that a bomb exploded at the end of the video but that footage was erased from the provisional copy, therefore making her status unknown.

Radioactive Mythologies: Enter Aveira

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Vermilion Extinction

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Radioactive Remastered

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  • Tess was the first official Radioactive original character. 
  • Tess was the first revealed character to appear in Vermilion Ashes.
  • Tess has a doppelganger named Deimos.
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