The Temple of Dreams
Developer(s) Tropico Enterprises
Publisher(s) Tropico Enterprises
Platform(s) Tropicon
Genre(s) Adventure
Role-playing Game
Release Date(s)
25px April 4th, 2016.
25px April 8th, 2016
25px April 22nd, 2016
Media Included Tropicon Game Disc

Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will.

The Temple of Dreams is an Adventure and Role Playing game created for the Tropicon system as a launch title, developed and published by Tropico Enterprises and is set to release on April 4, 2016. The game features a band of five travellers all on their own individual quests which somehow link up as they try to take down the five pillars placed all around the land which are controlling the different cities.


The Temple of Dreams works similarly to your normal Role Playing game. As one of the five heroes, you can equip weapons and shields to the hero to increase their stats. Every hero has five different stats which can be customized, Attack, Defense, Speed, Accuracy and Luck. Different items contribute to different stats, so find the combination that works right for you.


File:Control Stick.png: Move
File:D-Pad.png: Change your Character
File:Abutton.png: Jump
File:Bbutton.png: Block
File:Xbutton.png: Attack
File:Ybutton.png: Change Weapon
File:Control-StickWiiU.png: Change Camera Angle
File:STARTbutton.png: Go to Bag
File:SELECTbutton.png: Go to Game Menu


The story of the game consists of six chapters which all vary in length.

Chapter 01: Five Paths to the Road of Success

This chapter focuses on Aloe.

A five year old Aloe awakens from his bed to hear screaming coming from outside his house. He leaps from his bed and dashes outside quickly. A blanket of black clouds cover the overhead sky. Suddenly lightning bolts begin to shoot down from the sky, eviserating anything in it's path. Aloe's mother grabs his hand and runs away as the rays reach closer and closer to the pair. 

The time returns to the present where Aloe is about to leave his realm of nexus for the first time in his life. With nothing left to say goodbye to in the realm, he leaves to venture forward and find his reason for being in this world.

He enters in the middle of a desert on a planet unknown. The beginning of a whole new adventure for Aloe is unfolding. A person dressed in Red approaches him. She has a somewhat soothing voice, making her easy to listen to. The girl asks Aloe to return with her to their settlement, to which he agrees. Together they go back to camp and eat some bread, the girl then introduces herself to be Redd. Redd then asks Aloe to spy on the other clan, the Blue Clan. He agrees and leaves to spy on them.

Chapter 02: Hunting Season

This chapter focuses on Dimitri.

Chapter 03: Fortune Always Falls Flat

This chapter focuses on Charity.

Chapter 04: You Only Live Once

This chapter focuses on Meadow.

Chapter 05: Looks Blue, Tastes Redd

This chapter focuses on Esme.

Chapter 06: The Last Stand: Storm The Temple of Dreams!

This chapter focuses on All Heroes.

Game Modes

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is the main mode of the game. In adventure mode, you will play through a riveting story and experience the game to the fullest extent. You will play as five different characters during the entirety of the story.


Hero Biography Origin Signature Weapon

Aloe is known for being a valiant and courageous hero back in his home town of Nexus. Whenever evil arises Aloe would be the first person to step up to the mark. When he was young, he set off travelling to help as many people as he could whenever they needed his help. Aloe never gives up until he finds exactly what he wants. Nexus Battleaxe Beater

Charity has grown up always wanting what her family and friends could never give her—fortune! She is travelling around the region to try and find some treasure and make a name her herself! She is described as self-centered by many people, but will her attitude change if she were to become rich? Probably not! Cape Bounty Mark of Destruction

Dimitri is a daring and courageous guy from his homeland of Havell Court, a place where hunting is a big tradition. He loves to draw and hunt like the rest of his clan. Dimitri is travelling to try and hunt down the most wildest of beast in the whole land! I wonder what Dimitri will be able to find on his travels? Havell Court Sharp Shooter

Esme is the youngest of a family filled with very intellectual and smart genes. She was also encouraged and nurtured by her parents to become a genius, and often lived in her brother's shadow. After being teased all her life for being a relatively smart student, Esme decided to leave her home town of Woodland Escape to travel the world and find out something new about the world, and possibly herself. Woodland Escape Fists of Fury

Meadow was adopted at a very young age by an over-aged couple who were in their fifties. A couple of years ago, the mother passed away along with the father a couple of months later. Not wanting to live in the past with her memories of her adopted parents, Meadow decided to travel the world and possibly find where she came from and who her true mother and father really are. Unknown The Trident of Enchantment


In the story mode, there are 15 different realms in which the five heroes are destined to explore.

Location Description
Azel Lakes A variety of lakes home of the Blue clan.
Cape Bounty The hometown of Charity. A small tropical island renown for its wealth.
Clockwork Tower A daunting tower home to various pieces of clockwork.
Crimson Sea A large sea home to several members of the Redd Clan.
Fortune Falls A waterfall known for being home to unlimited riches.
Havell Court The hometown of Dimitri. Hunting is a big influence here.
Lila Manor The home of Princess Violet and her family, a huge manor.
Nexus The hometown of Aloe. Nothing more than an ordinary town.
Pixel Peak An open landscape designed in pixelated 8-bit graphics.
Sandcastle Crashers A mysterious beach home to several colonies of crabs and lobsters.
Temple of Dreams A "fictional" temple known for being able to answer anybody's dreams.
Wasteland The remains of a once prosperous and thriving city.
Woodland Escape A rural countryside town which leads the worlds farming facilities.


There are a total of 9 bosses the five heroes have to fight against during the game's story mode.

Boss Description Location
01 Commander Redd Commander Redd is the leader of the red clan who are trying to destroy the heroes behind the reclaiming of the five pillars. Her signature weapon is her sledge hammer which she uses in many different ways to ensure her opponents defeat. Crimson Sea
02 General Cobalt General Cobalt is the leader of the blue clan who are trying to destroy the heroes behind the reclaiming of the five pillars. His signature weapon is a blue boomerang which he can throw at long ranges to deal extra damage when not in close proximity. Azel Lakes
03 Inca Inca is the gaudian of the sands. She protects the lives of creatures and other living things in order to establish peace between the realms. Her signature weapon is being able to use her mind to summon creatures to attack for her as she has no physical weapon. Sandcastle Crashers
04 Blaine Blaine is the pixelated boss that comes from Pixel Peak. He is a homeless person who lost all his money after Charity scamed him. He swore revenge on Charity until the day he died. His signature weapon is a broken glass bottle that he found while sleeping on a park bench one night. Pixel Peak
05 Captain Natasha Captain Natasha is the leader of a third clan entitled Fortitude. Her clan is best known around the galaxy for being able to pull together a large amount of forces in a small period of time. Her signature weapon is a sickle, which is no laughing matter when you're on the other end of it. Clockwork Tower
06 Tobias Tobias is the second in command to Commander Redd and General Cobalt, secretly working for both sides of the army. He is known for being a prankster to his friends and others, he also knows how scents work so he doesn't fall into traps set by the heroes. His signature weapon is a pocket knife which he always carries around with him. Wasteland
Princess Violet
Princess Violet
Princess Violet is the next in line to the throne in Lila her mind that is. She likes to pretend that she is a princess so she can have more attention from peers and strangers when casually shopping around the town. Princess Violet's signature weapon is her blades. Lila Manor
08 Scarlett Scarlett is one of the girls who will flirt with anyone to get her own way in any situation. While also being a bounty hunter, Scarlett has never been shy when it comes to male company. Her sigature weapon is her bow and arrow which she has sharpened at the edges for the moment where she can stab her enemies. Fortune Falls
Corrupted Princess Violet
Princess Violet
After the results from Lila Manor, Princess Violet began to question her actual power in the universe. After a journey of her own to one of the forbidden planets, she returned in a new form, as if something deep inside her had changed. Instead of the blades, Princess Violet now uses a Kitana sword and several other weapons including bombs to ensure that the heroes meet their demise. She is battled three times before she is defeated. The Temple of Dreams


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